Link-up with Indonesia

On last thursday of term 1, Mrs Murch decided that as a treat our class could talk to a class in Indonesia. The other kids in my grade chickened out and played on the ipads, but i ended up talking to the class from west Jaffa for nearly the whole period.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • We showed them some australian things and they showed us some objects that they use in indonesia.
  • We talked about books that we where reading( mine was tommorrow when the war began).
  • I was asked what my favourite book was and i replyed ‘harry potter’ and the entire class laughed.(they read them too)
  • We talked about the ipads and we showed them some apps.
  • We talked about my cat and how it lived inside. One of the girls had a cat called bill.
  • They taught me how to say Goodmorning in Indonesian.

I thought it was really fun and a great experince and would love to doo it again.

Term 1

This term we had lots of fun and in some classes did a bit of work. In science we learned about the brain, in english we read a book (bridge to wiseman’s cove) and did a response and in ICT we worked on various things.
i had lots of fun with my friends !


Hey, i thought i better write a post about this…

I am obsessed with writing and reading fanfiction(when people write stories about TV shows, movies and books for other people to read).

I write NCIS and Tribe stories and i read other peoples as well.

i have written a season 6 tribe story which was my first, i’m currently writting the sixth chapter. I’v been recieving lots of reveiws for all myt stories. the story surronds the mallrats as they reach an island and meet some old friends.

my other stories include a season 4 story without the technos(its very brambery-bray and amber) and a NCIS season 8 story about ziva being pregnant.

please read my stories at (my username is pipy889).

My new fav shows!

okay so you know ‘m obsessed with The tribe and NCIS but over the last few months i’v discovered some other realy good shows.

I love Kiwi TV and a lot of the shows i watch are form new zealand like the tribe. Outragous Fortune is a bit rough but it’s still a really good show. like most shows from over seas we are behind, my kiwi friend has every series and tells me what’s going to happen, like last week because a character might have got shot, but my friend has seen the next season and told me she didn’t. it comes on at 10 on friday nights on ten.

Shortland Street also a kiwi show and is based in a hostpital in auckland. we are 20 months behind new zealand but it’s really good at the moment because it’s all about my favourite character Brooke(who is my fav actress. she’s also in the tribe). it comes on at 9.30 every weekday morning on 7two i tape it because i’m at school.