The Tribe

Over the holidays i discovered a really good show on abc3. It’s called the tribe and is my new favourite show.

It’s about some kids (rangeing in age from 10 to 17) who live in a shopping mall after all the adults of the world have died form a deadly virus.

The Show has five seasons and abc 3 has just started the second.

Amber is my favourite character, she is a natrual leader and is played by beth allen. She started the mall rats(which is their tribe name) and falls in love with bray(the other leader).

I know what happens in every season and to learn more about the show go to ,

I’ve written more on my tribe page.

6 thoughts on “The Tribe

  1. stupid bloddy tribe sgtop reading i8t and NCIS its so annoying stop talking ND READING IT DURING CLASS nerd

  2. I love The Tribe so much on abc3!!!

    I found a good site called tribeheaven which has pictures and articles from when The Tribe was made, love it. The cast still act including Beth Allen who was Amber in Tribe.

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