My new fav shows!

okay so you know ‘m obsessed with The tribe and NCIS but over the last few months i’v discovered some other realy good shows.

I love Kiwi TV and a lot of the shows i watch are form new zealand like the tribe. Outragous Fortune is a bit rough but it’s still a really good show. like most shows from over seas we are behind, my kiwi friend has every series and tells me what’s going to happen, like last week because a character might have got shot, but my friend has seen the next season and told me she didn’t. it comes on at 10 on friday nights on ten.

Shortland Street also a kiwi show and is based in a hostpital in auckland. we are 20 months behind new zealand but it’s really good at the moment because it’s all about my favourite character Brooke(who is my fav actress. she’s also in the tribe). it comes on at 9.30 every weekday morning on 7two i tape it because i’m at school.

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