Link-up with Indonesia

On last thursday of term 1, Mrs Murch decided that as a treat our class could talk to a class in Indonesia. The other kids in my grade chickened out and played on the ipads, but i ended up talking to the class from west Jaffa for nearly the whole period.

Some of the things we talked about:

  • We showed them some australian things and they showed us some objects that they use in indonesia.
  • We talked about books that we where reading( mine was tommorrow when the war began).
  • I was asked what my favourite book was and i replyed ‘harry potter’ and the entire class laughed.(they read them too)
  • We talked about the ipads and we showed them some apps.
  • We talked about my cat and how it lived inside. One of the girls had a cat called bill.
  • They taught me how to say Goodmorning in Indonesian.

I thought it was really fun and a great experince and would love to doo it again.

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