Season Sevens Here!!!!!!!!!
Season seven kicked off last week with Tony and McGee delbritly getting captured by the terriosts that were torchoring Ziva. The episode continued with tony telling about stuff that had happened in the past months(ie: every one worried about where she is and tony not being able to consintrate).

Would have ever thought that Abby’s favourite thing in the whole world Caf-Pow could solve the mystry of Ziva’s where abouts. But it did turned out that the Terriost had a addiaction to caffiene.

Mc Gee is pretending to be knocked out on the floor as part of their plan and then the terriosts bring in Ziva nearly unharmed. Not until Ziva has a knife up to her throat do the act and Tony says this “oh and i forgot to tell something about Gibbs, back in his war days he was a sniper”. Then Gibbs whose camoflgued up on a hill fires his gun and it goes all the down to the building where the rest of the team are and it hits the guy far in the head(the terriost’s name was sellem). Then Mcgee and tony carry out Ziva and the flie back to NCIS in DC.


NCIS is one of my favourite shows and Ziva David is my favourite character, she is a isrealy Mosard agent turned NCIS after she had to kill her own brother before he killed Gibbs. She’s really good at fighting and has been in the show for 4 years.


Alot of my friends think abby scuito is the best because she really funny(mostly because she has about 10 Caf Pows every day). She’s NCIS’s Forensic Scientist. She’s also the resident goth and hates wearing suits and stuff like that.


The other main charaters include Timmy Mc Gee, Tony Dinozzo, Jethro Gibbs and Ducky Mallard.  

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