Link Up with Manlia

Today my grade of 28 linked up with a class of 40 boys from a all boys school in a oversea city called manila in the philipins. They are all about fourteen wither as we were all 12 or 13. We showed them and explained to them things in our school and things in Hawkesdale like the canteen, post office, swimming pool and the computer room.

We also showed them our uniform which is for the girls: a winter skirt, blue polo top, woolen jumpers with our school emblem on the front, white socks and black T-bars(a show with a T where the buckle is). And for the boys: Blue polo tops, grey or navy shorts or pants, woolen jumpers and black shoes.

But there’s was a white polo top with their emblem and black trousers.

 We are awloud to have mobile phones but there not awloud to have any eletronic devices.

When we linked up with them it was cold here but it was 28 degrees in manlia. Ocourding to them it’s so hot that they rarley go outside at lunch times. so they do there home work at lunch.

My puppy Keppa!

Keppa is a Black and Tan Australian Kelpie.

Kelpies are most often used as sheep and cattle dogs.  Farmers such as oursleves, use them for moving stock from paddock to paddock.

My family only got her 2 weeks ago and she is now 12 weeks old. She loves to chase my brother and me around and to climb all over her kennel.

When she’s older she will work the sheep but will always be a loving pet.