The Tribe

Over the summer holidays i found a great new show on abc3, it’s called the tribe and it’s about a group (tribe) of kids and their life. All the adults of the worlds have either died or dissapered, because of a virus.

My favourite character is amber, she’s played by beth allen who is in a few other shows. she’s very smart and a true leader.


She falls in love with bray(who is the other leader). Bray is played by Dwayne Cameron who is also in alot of other shows such as shortalnd street and power rangers operation overdrive(which beth allen is also in).

2 thoughts on “The Tribe

  1. hi i really love this show too, amber is deffieantly my fav. i’ve ssen every season as well. baby bray is soo cute! but i really miss bray. Amber’s really strong emotionaly, coping with out bray. in wish he’d come back, i really don’t think that jay and amber belong together, i perfer him wiht season three when amber’s pregnent bray and her look so good together.
    i love the tribe go amber and bray!

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